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No New Posts General Board

Take time to read and familiarize yourself with the forum's guidelines and direction.

Moderator: Milton2014

by Milton2014
Mar 13, 2018 20:02:04 GMT 10
No New Posts Self Introduction

For all new members, please take time to introduce yourself.


48 118 best
by ninosboy
Jun 29, 2024 11:05:53 GMT 10
No New Posts Significance of your Name on Forum

Share what is the significance of your name on this forum. Let others know how did you come up with such username.

18 54 Hello
by harjass
Feb 18, 2024 14:29:45 GMT 10
No New Posts Pay It Forward Thread

Here is the space for any outreach program, campaign intended to augment the life of others, promo events and the like. Share whatever activity that you are engage with in relation to the promotion of life. Share life- share happiness after all, LIFE is a gift from GOD.

Moderator: Milton2014

15 84 企业家如何改变成
by howard
Jun 29, 2024 11:06:49 GMT 10


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No New Posts How to Survive Marriage Life's Storms

Share here your experiences in going through those rough times in your marriage. How did you able to survive those storms and how did you keep the fire burning in the relationship?

9 56 Be Appreciative to Your Partner's Activities
by wangard064
May 28, 2024 8:44:17 GMT 10
No New Posts I AM A HUSBAND....

Share your story being in a role of a husband/partner.

Sub-boards: Challenges in This Role, My Joys of Being a Husband

4 42 How Could They Do That?
by micky81
May 15, 2024 10:06:55 GMT 10
No New Posts I AM A WIFE.....

share your journey being a wife---your joys, pains, victory, defeats etc in your role being as such.

Sub-boards: Struggle of being a wife, Happiness of being a wife, I am a Seaman's Wife

6 44 How to be a Happy Wife?
by goldiey
Jun 29, 2024 14:51:34 GMT 10
No New Posts Married Life: Inspiration or Desolation?

Share here your experience of being married whether then it becomes a source of inspiration to you or the other way around.

Sub-board: Talk to Papa Freddie

4 44 just want to share
by wangard064
May 17, 2024 10:46:23 GMT 10
No New Posts Secrets of a Successful Marriage

Check here sharings on tips of a successful marriage. Share yours and learn from others too.

Sub-board: How long Have You Been Together?

5 36 Being Charitable in One's Time
by mix101makatigirl
Feb 11, 2024 15:28:40 GMT 10
No New Posts Mom/Dad's Advice to a Son/Daughter

Share here your own experience (mom/dad/son/daughter) of dealing and giving advices to another member of the family.

Moderator: Milton2014

7 44 The JOY of Being A Product
by Milton2014
May 14, 2024 8:02:52 GMT 10
No New Posts How To Manage Temptations

Feel free to share whatever experiences, tips, thoughts, etc that you have about resisting or giving in to temptations.

Moderator: Milton2014

3 32 Classes of Temptations
by melissawhite
May 28, 2024 10:09:33 GMT 10
No New Posts Challenges of Married Life

On this board, one can share his/her challenges on being a married person. Feel free to share and learn from each other's journey.

Sub-boards: Extended Family Ties, Different Temperament

5 36 Depends On Each Member
by roninboy
Jun 29, 2024 14:28:13 GMT 10


Board Threads Posts Last Post

Share your experiences here with your BFF---all the joys and pains, challenges and victories etc.

Moderator: sweetumz16

5 46 Good Friends are Forever
by wangard064
Apr 7, 2024 10:32:23 GMT 10

Share your bf/gf experiences here.

Moderator: sweetumz16

4 41 Influence of ALDUB sa atin
by yodagirl14
May 22, 2024 10:57:02 GMT 10

Share your life here being in a LGBT community. Extend your post so that everyone can learn from your story.

4 35 Invitation to Share
by roninboy
May 17, 2024 11:00:59 GMT 10
No New Posts Cyber Friends: Positive Thing or Not?

This board will allow anyone to share and learn from each other's experience/s of having cyber (online) friends.

Moderator: sweetumz16

3 38 Good to make friends
by harold2015
May 15, 2024 10:58:54 GMT 10
No New Posts Pet Lovers

This thread is intended for all those pet lovers out there. Share your experiences while taking care of your own pet.

3 38 Nakakatuwa ang pet ko
by ramsenj
May 15, 2024 8:09:06 GMT 10
No New Posts Teacher-student, boss-subordinate relationship

We all know that there are lots of things happening inside the school and inside the workplace. Share then on this thread your experience being in a teacher-student relationship or in a boss-subordinate one.

3 26 Implications
by hollander
Feb 21, 2024 19:01:25 GMT 10


Board Threads Posts Last Post

Information on migration matters regarding New Zealand.

Sub-boards: Student Visa, Skilled Independent Visa, List of Skilled Occupations ANZSCO

4 34 What are the Documents need to Apply for this kind of visa?
by wendeldc
May 17, 2024 10:58:50 GMT 10
No New Posts VISA-USA

Here is the section for all your USA visa concerns.

Sub-boards: Student Visa, US Q1 Visa , Skilled Independent Visa, Sponsoring Parents Visitors Visa

6 28 How to Apply for Student Visa
by bistek14
Jan 31, 2024 16:45:02 GMT 10

All Canada migration can be found here.

Sub-boards: Family Class Sponsorship Visa, Student Visa, Federal Workers Visa, All Issues Affecting Caregivers, What to Bring and not to Bring

8 27 Important Sites for Visa Application
by yodagirl14
Jun 29, 2024 14:45:46 GMT 10

Share your journey here in terms of migration to Australia.

Sub-boards: State Sponsorship Visa, Student Visa, immigration News-Australia, Skilled Independent Visa

9 39 Big MOve 2024
by amigodavao2023
Mar 24, 2024 19:28:54 GMT 10

Share your journey here being an OFW.

Sub-boards: Sacrifices Made While Being Abroad, Sources of Joy and Consolation

4 31 malayo sa pamilya
by edglan2015
May 28, 2024 8:46:11 GMT 10

Seek and share here all information and experiences regarding taking and preparing for IELTS exams

Moderator: Milton2014

2 26 IELTS REVIEW: A Resource Material
by jamescort1985
Feb 21, 2024 19:44:22 GMT 10
No New Posts PTE Academic Exams

Share all your experiences and tips on PTE EXAMS

2 21 PTE Academic: Tips
by labella2015
May 15, 2024 8:50:28 GMT 10
No New Posts Other Visas

Check here for information regarding other visa to other destinations

3 28 Visa to Netherlands
by hollander
May 15, 2024 8:52:23 GMT 10
No New Posts Nurses We Are Here

Anything about the nurses both in Pinas and Abroad

2 15 Saan Maganda Magwork as a Nurse Nowadays?
by wendeldc
Jun 29, 2024 14:29:17 GMT 10

Share your visit to certain places.

Sub-boards: My Favorite Destination: Local or Abroad, Sending Balibayan Boxes to Pinas from Abroad

6 36 Looking Forward to our Adelaide Escapades
by howard
May 13, 2024 9:34:43 GMT 10


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No New Posts Marketing by Use of Social Media

Find here our readers and members experiences in the marketing world making use of the modern day's social media.

Moderator: Milton2014

Sub-board: Through Facebooking

4 30 Investment proposal
by wangard064
May 20, 2024 9:17:32 GMT 10
No New Posts Attracting Viewers for Your Blog/s

CHeck here possible methods in attracting readers and followers for your blog/s.

2 27 Regular Posting
by wondergirl18
Mar 24, 2024 19:50:02 GMT 10
No New Posts Let Us Help Promote Each Others Blogs

Feel free to suggest ways so as we can maintain and show support for our blogs.

2 26 How To Make A Blog?
by digosboy174
Mar 2, 2024 10:53:31 GMT 10

A place for all bloggers out there. Promote and share your blog/s here.

Sub-boards: Sports, Online Marketing

7 30 Any Sports Blog out There?
by xyramorning
Feb 3, 2024 9:39:15 GMT 10
No New Posts All About Adsense

Sharings on experiences regarding the program adsense by google. Let us learn from each other's experiences here.

Moderator: Milton2014

2 23 THINGS to Remember on Adsense
by roninboy
May 17, 2024 11:22:22 GMT 10
No New Posts What is Your Blog Topic (niche)?

Blogs could be on various topics: sports, food, travel, gadgets etc. Share and learn from others here the different fields on this world of blogging.

Sub-boards: Family, Online Business

by micky81
Apr 7, 2024 11:36:58 GMT 10


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No New Posts Other Sports

Share here updates, latest news, issues etc on other sports aside from those which are included in boards here.

10 40 Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (2016) watch online youtube
by whimpee
May 13, 2024 8:54:48 GMT 10

Share what's hot in boxing. All the latest news and updates in the world of boxing share them all here.

6 22 Congrats to PINOY PRIDE 25 FIGHTERS
by clyde
Feb 3, 2024 18:12:24 GMT 10
No New Posts Tennis World

Share here news, updates, achievements etc about the tennis world.

3 23 Bad Boys of Tennis
by quad2017
Feb 21, 2024 17:06:00 GMT 10
No New Posts World of Basketball

Everything here is on basketball.....players, teams, statistics, achievements etc...feel free to share them on this board.

4 18 NBA Fan
by bistek14
Feb 2, 2024 13:12:45 GMT 10


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No New Posts MLM/ Other Online Affiliate Marketing

View here various categories and methods of involving oneself with home based business through MLM or affiliate marketing.

Sub-board: Pay Per Click Sites

20 73 Want a New Online Marketing Job?
by clyde
Feb 3, 2024 18:14:39 GMT 10
No New Posts All about Computers: Software and Hardware

Ask here your query about computers and our moderator/s will assist you.

Moderator: julayjoy

3 17 Latest Technology to Share
by ordella
Jun 11, 2023 13:39:07 GMT 10

Share your own SFI journey here. All information about SFI will be included here.

6 31 What is SFI?
by jawojoey
Feb 2, 2024 8:22:11 GMT 10


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No New Posts Other Forms of Loans

Post here your experiences of any other type of loans aside from credit cards. Any struggle, stress related issues, triumphs against this LOAN thing, share them on this board.

Sub-board: Pag ibig/ Gsis Loans

2 21 Benefits of Being a GSIS Member
by brett2019
Feb 17, 2024 9:02:22 GMT 10
No New Posts BSP primers Regarding Credit Cards

Find here some links regarding the articulation of guidelines in line with issues and matters regarding credit cards.

3 22 Informative Links Related on this Primer
by Milton2014
Feb 24, 2024 9:22:52 GMT 10

Share your concern here about credit card issues.

Sub-boards: What is your credit card provider?, Sharings on Issues Regarding Bouncing Cheque, How You Deal With Your Delinquent Credit Cards?

9 23 Days for your debt to be written off
by harjass
May 20, 2024 9:19:17 GMT 10


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No New Posts Life is Like a Wheel

share on this board whatever it is that you want to share with the group.

Sub-boards: What are Causes of Stress?, My Personal Hero

9 34 National ID SYSTEM
by iammanilaboy
Feb 2, 2024 19:08:54 GMT 10
No New Posts Dream Interpretations

Share your dreams here and I and others will help you interpret them.

Moderator: Milton2014

4 26 Meanings of Dreams
by hollander
Jun 29, 2024 11:53:45 GMT 10
No New Posts Staying Single

This board will allow those singles out there to share their joy, pain, struggles, challenges etc for staying single all the time. Learn from each other's experiences is what this board tries to extend to others.

4 20 Bakit Kailangang Maging Single?
by clyde
Mar 2, 2024 10:26:34 GMT 10
No New Posts Favorite Movie/s or Television Shows

Extend to others your joy in recalling back your favorite pastime such as watching movies/tv shows.

3 22 The Patriot
by wendeldc
May 17, 2024 11:02:08 GMT 10
No New Posts My Interests and Hobbies

On this board, feel free to share with the group your fields of interests/hobbies- how long have you been doing them, why you are interested on them, etc.

6 24 Watching Tagalog Movies
by harold2015
Jun 29, 2024 11:45:18 GMT 10


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No New Posts Dental Issues and Updates

Check here all issues related on dental care. Feel free to share your concerns and experiences.

Moderator: embrace

Sub-board: Itanong mo Kay Dok Nelson

5 36 Paano ba ang Tamang Pagtoothbrush?
by xyramorning
Feb 3, 2024 9:41:21 GMT 10
No New Posts Insomnia or sleeping disorders

This board allows you to share your questions/ concerns about any sleeping disorder.

3 23 HOW DO You Cope with Sleeping Disorders?
by xyramorning
Feb 10, 2024 10:31:39 GMT 10

Share whatever experiences you have on hypertension.

Moderator: ninang

Sub-board: How To Maintain Good Cholesterol Level?

3 24 Avoiding Hypertension
by clyde
May 22, 2024 13:32:32 GMT 10
No New Posts Healthy Foods

Extend to others your list of healthy foods so that they will also have information on the proper nutritious foods that we all need. As we continue with this journey, let us preserve our life by eating healthy foods.

6 25 stylish eyewear!
by maricargirl
May 13, 2024 8:52:22 GMT 10
No New Posts Healthy Lifestyle

On this board, you will be invited to share whatever health tips that you have known, practiced and experimented in your life. For all our benefit, just be sure to post as clearly as you are.

Sub-board: What is your form of exercise?

6 27 Fatty Liver
by goldiey
Jan 31, 2024 10:29:37 GMT 10

Want Ad

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No New Posts DIY Business initiatives

You can find here methods, success stories, challenges etc of putting up a small scale business opportunities.

3 29 Investment proposal in Philippines
by smileychick
Feb 11, 2024 16:22:12 GMT 10
No New Posts Realty Related opportunities

Post here whatever opportunity that you can extend in relation to real property field- selling, buying, queries, etc.

3 34 Ukay Ukay Thread
by leanann
Mar 2, 2024 11:28:23 GMT 10
No New Posts Job Openings

Board available for those who are looking for job openings and for those who are looking for workforce.

16 52 WANTED: Assistant – Pays P30,000 per month plus BONUS (ON-SI
by Milton2014
Mar 2, 2024 11:45:48 GMT 10
No New Posts Tips on Buying Brand New and Second Hand Cars

On this board, you are welcome to share your experience and queries also in buying new as well as second hand cars.

4 30 Wanna buy my own second hand car
by Milton2014
May 17, 2024 11:21:00 GMT 10
No New Posts Selling/ Buying Items

Sell here anything but be discreet. Selling and buying including advertising your products and services here. Send a private message if you transact with somebody.

5 31 INvitation
by Milton2014
May 17, 2024 11:19:39 GMT 10


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